Benefits of Using a Franking Machine


A franking machine is a machine that sticks stamps to lots of mails that would be sent out. The machine is majorly used by companies that send out lot of mails on daily basis. If the company dispatches lots of monthly invoices, greeting cards and mailing cards the franking machine will largely benefit the company in saving time as it reduces fixing time of stamps.

If the company runs a small, medium or large size entity using a franking machine will enable the company to portray a professional image to clients and its customers. The frank machine can also leave business logos that define the organization, business text that sends the message out about the company and promotional text which are designed to sell out the companies brand.

A company that uses franking machines will be able to advertise new offers, products or even services that might be offered by the company. The art of changing text from the franking machine each day is very easy as the company will only have to have a machine that is text message automated, this will allow the company to change the printing text in each stamp based on the requirements and specifics of the intended message to be sent in a professional way.

The art of using franking machines enables the company to discount in terms of mailing cost that will be incurred; the discounts come for franked mails. The franked mails are time saving and cheaper when handling them as compared to issuing stamps, the discounts’ are given so as to encourage companies to use them.
Franking machine has an integrated scale that is used for ensuring that accurate postage amount is calculated, this saves the company money as companies will reduces over stamping charges that may arise due to lack of knowledge and accuracy of the actual weight of the postage item.

The franking machines is also importance for accuracy and recording expenditure and accountability as it will give you an accurate figure of the amount used, this will enable the company claim its full tax return. The other benefits is that since companies have different departments and large volumes of postage being dispatched the franking machine can be able to trace the postage to the departments that the postage are come from, this will help create accountability in different organizational departments since monitoring postage can be challenging with the large volumes of postage’s. The franking machine can also create various accounts that will be able to monitor and produce a report on each department accountability usage.


Benefits of Using Franking Machines


It is cheaper to use franking machines than to keep stamping letters at the dawn of every day. For a long time now, posting firms all over the world have been issuing discounts on all franking machines since they have also figured that it is cheaper to handle franking matters than letters.

The accountability level of franking machine is way too relevant to be ignored in the sense that after every transaction, the machine records all cost automatically. The same recordings can be used for future reference by the organization when the time of settling the bill comes close.

It takes a shorter time for franking machines to deliver its services, unlike letters. When posting a message becomes too much of baggage to the organization, it goes without being mentioned that the most recommended option would be a faster and even cheaper means of achieving the same objective.

It is convenient to use franking machines since they are designed automatically to function most purposes all by themselves. The above fact creates the impression that they are the best option to be used in all matters that need swift handlings such as the delivery of essential state credentials or organization documents within the shortest time possible. These are just but a few of the several other pros of franking machines.

Not denying that a franking machine has various advantages that individual gains from using it before you go all excited to buy this type of device there more factors that you might fight want to consider.

Uses- A franking machine is efficient to a specific business when it comes to the handling of emails as a form of communication in the market. Before going ahead to buy this type of machine, you should first ensure that your business system uses postal mails in their forms of communication. Despite the fact that you use couriers, see to it that you need the machine since it is usually quite costly in their price which might inconvenient a business working on a low budget plan.

Mailing volume- For a business that works with the use of a franking machine, before they go ahead and buy a franking machine from the stalls, the owner should first check out for the mailing volume of the business. Some of the questions that should guide you in assessing your mailing volume include; the cost of sending each email, the number of mails that are posted on a daily basis and even the types of letters that an office do sends to either their clients or some of their employees.

Benefits of Franking Machines


In case you got a severe amount of email to send out on a frequent basis, among the most accessible means of organizing the entire procedure is to make use of a franking machine. In comparison to stamps, franking is almost 30% easier. A franking tool makes it simple to calculate the correct postage every time. And it’s much more convenient than stamps as you can purchase postage over the internet other than queuing in the post office. The time saved will be invaluable, and the utilization of the device will undoubtedly enhance your firm’s professional outlook.

One great benefit of making use of franking machines for your firms is that it makes your emails that much simple to process which in return minimizes delays on the delivery side of your stuff.

Franking machines are not only cost effective by they as well offers you the opportunity to keep track of your postage expenses via security protection and internet tracking. Making use of the franking machine is an indication that you qualify for postage discounts, regardless of the volumes of the post you utilize. There are no limits on either the minimum or maximum quantity of posts sent at any specific time. Any postage deductions are calculated as per the item posted which means you are entitled to a saving regardless of how rare or frequent you make use of the franking machine for your postal necessities.

A franking machine can as well be utilized in overprint envelopes with the name of your firm, the business logo or short-term promotions or messages. This kind of free advertising is constructive at marketing your trademark as well as your business as your post is identified by anyone who deals with your emails.

Advertising this way is an invaluable device that develops an identity for your business at the very chance and on every single item of mail that you post, regardless of the size of the letter, box or package that you email to your clients or business partners. Many businesses too like printing a return address on envelopes as this means undelivered email is returned to you. You can then update your database and evade wastage mailings in the forthcoming.

In case you can afford to possess a franking machine from among the royal mail approved manufacturer and supplier and the category of companies can be found on their website. A franking engine needs to be licensed with royal mail. There is no stipulation that all franking device must be maintained in perfect working conditions at all the time and they need to be inspected by a reputable company annually.